About Rasha AlBeick

Rasha Albeick is a Dubai-based lifestyle, travel, and style influencer, promoting modest fashion for hijabi girls and women.


Encouraged by people’s interest in her discerning style, Rasha decided to start a public Instagram account sharing her love for fashion, travel, events, and the Dubai social scene. Her effortless chic, pleasant authenticity, and optimistic spirit quickly gained a following, and today she enjoys sharing her life with a growing audience. With nearly half a million followers on Instagram, Rasha uses her platform to inspire fellow hijabi women to be confidently fashion-forward, set ambitious goals, and dream big.


Unlike many of her peers, Rasha did not stop wearing her hijab in the name of fashion. She believes that the traditional headscarf does not compromise beauty or style. On the contrary: she assures that veiled girls possess a unique elegance and encourages them to underline it with their own refined style. Rasha has a spontaneous nature and a passionate soul, full of love and hope. Her favorite accessory is her smile, and she is fond of spreading kindness and positivity.